1. Moving

    Retiring this tumblr mostly because I’ve come to dislike the name, which happens to also be that of a mobile phone accessory company. I’ll be posting further at http://flarfer.tumblr.com and tweeting at http://twitter.com/flarfer as I have since 2011. Here are 2 poems that Metazen published on the 4th of July: http://www.metazen.ca/?p=13214




  4. your face is like that poem by Wallace Stevens I meant to read that one time

    one day I will get to it

    one day I hope to know you better


  5. door

    even I get happy sometimes
    I just can’t help myself

    I will see you to the door now

    feel free to come back
    when I am sad again


  6. reduction

    eyes, your

    seeing things

    did they see me?

    it is interesting to participate 
    in a still life

    it is interesting to live
    in a fruit bowl

    caressed by the peach
    bullied by the banana

    but actually
    it’s more like
    an impressionist street scene

    to and fro and
    herky jerky
    thirty-five miles an hour

    catch a glimpse of me now

    oh look
    a taco truck


  7. Nutella

    Every nutella jar contains a brown death paste
    eat it alone, always
    eat it to feel less alone
    but still, you’re alone


  8. Hypothesis


  9. Don’t worry
    your sadness isn’t going anywhere
    you can come back to it later
    let’s just be alright for a while
    — Crispin Best (via sarahjeanalex)

    (Source: therearenofacts, via sarahjeanalex)


  10. Seppuku

    seppuku seems interesting to me
    it would be preferable to dying in a plane crash
    it would be preferable to subsisting on an unlimited supply of coke zero
    it would be interesting
    to read the facebook posts about my courage in the face of
    an unlimited supply of boredom, which I resisted
    the gruesome photos of my corpse come to ‘overpower’ tumblr
    in disembowling myself I have disembowled the internet
    Yahoo! is thwarted in its evil plans
    seppuku: a strategy for living


  11. Getting Ready For Bed


    I wake up and its Monday
    I go to sleep and its Tuesday
    A kiss goodnight can be a kiss goodbye
    Its Tuesday and I want to die

    Bunny Rogers


  12. seemstween:

    I have 3 poems on Hobart

    Gabby Bess (aka Gabby Gabby), one of the very best alt lit poets.

    (Source: seemstween)



  14. Amy

    Amy Silbergeld

    (via amysilbergeld-deactivated201306)


  15. sarahjeanalex:

    I am going to lean over and touch my mouth to your knee caps / I am going to rest my cold cheek on the warmth of your stomach / I am going to mix our hairs together / Light and dark, light and dark / until we are unable to pull apart / Wake up and kiss me you beautiful idiot

    Sarah Jean Alexander

    (via popserial)